Friday, March 27, 2009

The Pressure

I saw this on Facebook several months ago and thought it worth re-posting on the blog.

The Pressure

Why is it that water has decided to follow the moon? Maybe it has not overcome the influence of the elements around it. The trees move to the wind, just like water to the moon. Alas, we don't go our own way. We go with the flow of those around us, just like the water.

How do we not conform to those around us? Though we may push hard against the tide of becoming a mirror image of those around us, we always falter, and in time, become that mirror.

There aren't any ways to overcome the tide by yourself, only through one man may you beat it. Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, is that man. I encourage you to not use him only as a crutch in times of distress, but to thank him for every living moment of your life.

Now, I know that you may think that I’m just saying this, but I don’t only want your friendship at school to be with me, no, it is much larger than that. I want to bring you to church and for you to grow in faith, stature, and most importantly, with God.

This was posted by my son Rocky. It is an original and very much appreciated. His dad was very blessed to read this and know who it came from.