Thursday, July 14, 2011

My new book is now on Kindle

Today is a day of double reason for celebration for me. This is the 100th entry for this blog. Also, today is the first day in which my book Restoring All Things In Christ is available on Amazon Kindle.

The book can be purchased here from Amazon for $2.99. Turns out that you don't necessarily need to use a Kindle device to read a Kindle e-book. The app for Kindle is available for iPod, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android devices.

The idea behind the book got its start when I took a tour of President Rutherford Hayes' house in February 2007. Several sections of the house were under restoration during my visit. Seeing this work in progress gave me a number of ideas to consider. They reminded me how restoration is a central theme of the Bible. As the text for the book developed, there were many a Thursday night when I would visit a local Caribou or Starbucks, grab some coffee and turn on my laptop to work on giving a literary expression to my meditations on restoration.

I want to thank my wife Julie, Dr. David Hodge, his wife Michelle Hodge, Dorothy Riley and the Senior Pastor of Troy Christian Chapel, Dan Lewis for proofing various drafts of the book. I also want to thank my godson Anthony Veltri Jr for his insights after reading one of the drafts of the book. I could not have gotten this book into its finished form without them.

By now it's obvious that the theme of the book is on restoration. The chapters in the book discuss a number of Scriptural passages which point out to us that God is a restorer. We learn that He calls us to imitate His work of restoration. The book further develops these concepts in three key areas: biblical literacy, restoration of the study of theology on the level of the everyday person and the important role which prayer possesses in our lives. Please feel free to go to the book's webpage on Amazon and take a look Restoring All Things In Christ.