Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Index to Resources

This is the master index of links to find Christian resources from a variety of online resources. This index links up to websites which are being used by the youth of Troy Christian Chapel to deepen their individual walks in Christ. It is our belief that many of today's Christian youth strongly desire to deepen their lives in Christ but are not aware of where to find online resources to help them. Hopefully, this site can help.

It is our hope that these links will be of benefit to the youth of our congregation as well as any other readers of this blog who may be searching for the same type of resources.

Click on the Links:

Bible Resources - Resources for Bible reading, study; Links to Bibles readable online as well as Bibles for mobile devices; Includes links for downloads of mp3 files.

Book Resources - Resources for Christian reading other than the Bible; Links to Christian Classics Ethereal Library, the largest collection of Christian e-texts in one place on the Internet.

Devotional Resources -Resources for prayer and daily devotions. They include links to Our Daily Bread from Radio Bible Class, the reading from Encounter With God from Scripture Union, as well as links to news websites which may act as a way of informing and focusing our prayers.

MP3 and Podcast Resources - Resources for Christian programming found on the Internet. This includes links to One Place, as well as several excellent discussion programs and also the sermon page of Troy Christian Chapel.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Devotional Resources

There are a number of great resources for devotionals which can be found on Internet

OUR DAILY BREAD - This is the online version of the printed devotional that we keep at the Information Center at Troy Christian Chapel. It follows a simple format of the reading a small Bible passage and a reflection on that passage.

Link: There is also an option for a feed to your mobile device:

ENCOUNTER WITH GOD - This is just one devotional from Scripture Union. It too has a brief reading of Scripture and then a reflection. Unlike "Our Daily Bread", the readings will go through a book of the Bible over a several day or several week period. Highly recommended as a supplemental to your daily Bible reading.

LINK to the Daily Reading:

There is also the option of getting the readings for the day sent to you by e-mail. You can even choose the version of the Bible you want the reading to come in:


This devotional was composed by Charles Haddon Spurgeon back in late 19th century England. Each day has a morning reading from Scripture (with a reflection) as well as an evening reading from Scripture (along with a reflection on the text). Spurgeon is very insightful into His reflection on short snippets of Scripture which, when thought about, carry remarkable weight.


There are also options for getting each day's readings sent to your e-mail or picked up as a RSS feed. The links are found within Heartlight's Spurgeon web -page.

In a sermon preached in March, 1998, Pastor Dan Lewis challenged us to use the newspaper as a devotional guide to pray for the world around us. While print newspapers are becoming scarcer, there are a number of news websites which can help us to expand our vision for prayer and have us to pray beyond only our own families and our own neighborhoods.

BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION (BBC) - Centered in England, the BBC does a great job in presenting international news LINK:

CANADIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION (CBC) - Centered in Canada, the CBC presents news, much of which is familiar to an American audience, with a bit of a different perspective

CABLE NEWS NETWORK (CNN) - Centered in the United States, CNN covers a number of national and international stories. LINK:

DETROIT NEWS - Centered in Detroit, the Detroit News covers stories which pertain to the Metropolitan Detroit area. LINK: