Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Index to Resources

This is the master index of links to find Christian resources from a variety of online resources. This index links up to websites which are being used by the youth of Troy Christian Chapel to deepen their individual walks in Christ. It is our belief that many of today's Christian youth strongly desire to deepen their lives in Christ but are not aware of where to find online resources to help them. Hopefully, this site can help.

It is our hope that these links will be of benefit to the youth of our congregation as well as any other readers of this blog who may be searching for the same type of resources.

Click on the Links:

Bible Resources - Resources for Bible reading, study; Links to Bibles readable online as well as Bibles for mobile devices; Includes links for downloads of mp3 files.

Book Resources - Resources for Christian reading other than the Bible; Links to Christian Classics Ethereal Library, the largest collection of Christian e-texts in one place on the Internet.

Devotional Resources -Resources for prayer and daily devotions. They include links to Our Daily Bread from Radio Bible Class, the reading from Encounter With God from Scripture Union, as well as links to news websites which may act as a way of informing and focusing our prayers.

MP3 and Podcast Resources - Resources for Christian programming found on the Internet. This includes links to One Place, as well as several excellent discussion programs and also the sermon page of Troy Christian Chapel.


Anonymous said...

Hello Brother! I saw you mentioned "The God and Culture Conference" over on Challies site so I figured you were a fellow Michigander. me too! I'm in Westland and worship corporately in Plymouth. So I assume you listen to Paul Edwards? Love that guy.

So, I was just in Troy this past Sunday at Somerset mall taking my boys to the Lego store that opened (total madness). Where is Troy Chapel? I've been to a church in Troy once that I think used to be called Troy Baptist but is now named to Woodside(?). It was huge. Anyway, we should link up, I love your blog and looks like we are of the same doctrinal pursuasion.

Grace to you!

Walter Hampel said...

Hello Brother,
Sorry for not getting back sooner. I had some problems with auto-spamming on my blog. I countered by forcing comment moderation. I keep forgetting to get in and look for possible comments.

Thanks for writing. Good to hear from a fellow Michiganian, especially one living in metro Detroit. My home church of Troy Christian Chapel is on Long Lake (also known as 18 Mile) between Livernois and Rochester). It's about two miles north and two and a half miles east of Somerset. There is a church named Woodside on Rochester Road.

Thanks for the comments on my blog. I'll be getting a better look at your blog over the next day or two.

I do listen to Paul Edwards. Great guy. Perhaps you didn't know that the audio from the God and Culture Conference is on the website from Paul Edwards' church (Oakbrooke Bible Church in Waterford). My e-mail is

Blessings in Christ,