Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Deepening Interest in Prayer and Revival

Over the last six months, I've felt moved to devote more time to the practice and study of prayer. In our very unstable world, we have a desperate need for an authentic, that is, a truly biblical and stable Christian witness. Prayer is paramount for this to happen.

I've also been impressed with just how desperately my country and the western nations in general are in need of revival. In June, I was doing research for an article on revival which will appear in the journal Evangelical Review of Theology in early 2007. l was amazed at reading the accounts of the revival which started in New York City in 1857 and swept through the English speaking world of the time. The accounts of those who witnessed this (including major newspapers of the time such as the New York Times) point to how God honored a movement dedicated to prayer. May God do again in us and with us what He did with our English-speaking Christian forebearers of 150 years ago and move us to a true revival in Christ by His Holy Spirit and for His glory.

The picture included here is of the Old North Dutch Reformed Church where the revival started in New York City.

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