Tuesday, December 4, 2007

True Spirituality

Last Sunday, I finished reading "True Spirituality" by Francis Schaeffer. It helped me think through issues such as what the New Testament means when we read repeated references to our dying with Christ and rising with Him.

The book was written in 1971. Some of Francis Schaeffer's concerns in this book sound prophetic when read 36 years later. In my next few blog entries, I'll be providing quotes from this book and my comments in relation to those quotes. Let me leave you with this quote now:

May I put it like this? If I woke up tomorrow morning and found that all that the Bible teaches concerning prayer and the Holy Spirit were removed (not as a liberal would remove it, by misinterpretation, but really removed) what difference would it make in practice from the way we are functioning today? The simple tragic fact is that in much of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ – the evangelical Church – there would be no difference whatsoever. (Page 171)

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