Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Revival on University Campuses

A trend which I have been noticing within the last few years has been that of revival on university campuses across the United States. Becky Tirabassi, who has been a speaker to college youth concerning revival during the last few years has published some of her observations in articles in Christianity Today. See here and here for two articles regarding this wonderful trend. See also the sidebar link here in this blog (right hand side of this page) to Campus Transformation.

My family had the chance to observe this first hand in the early summer of 2006. We were staying on the campus of Colorado State University for a competition in which my sons were participating. Every day we were there, we noted an open Bible study or worship event happening in our dorm building everyday we were there.

The 24-7 prayer movement which started in England in 1999 is working to bring continuous prayer to campuses in the United States. They too have noticed the trend in the U.S. See link
In a culture in which the news seems flooded with stories about celebrities and their often inane, immoral and illegal behavior, there is a very under-reported trend of campus revival. Please pray for God's Holy Spirit to move upon the hearts and minds of the youth in attendance at these schools to honor Christ in their thinking and studies.

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