Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Detroit Red Wings win the Stanley Cup

Yes, I know that this really has nothing to do with this blog's usual topics. However, being a longtime Detroit Red Wings fan, I must share my joy along with all of us in Hockeytown and tell the world that the Detroit Red Wings won their 11th Stanley Cup on Wednesday night.

It has been a remarkable Stanley Cup finals series. Anyone watching Monday's game knows that (the Pittsburgh Penguins tied the game with 34 seconds left on Monday night to force overtime. They won during the third Overtime period and forced a Game 6 in Pittsburgh).

I have been a Red Wings fan long enough to truthfully admit that I am old enough to have seen the great Gordie Howe play (saw him score a goal in the first live Red Wings game I attended at the old Olympia Stadium back in 1969). There were many lean years between then and the Red Wings current run of Stanley Cup wins starting in 1997. I learned patience being a Wings fan during those years.

Congratulations, Detroit Red Wings, the 2008 Stanley Cup Champions, from the School of the Solitary Place.


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Tish said...

Walt, your post brought up some fond memories. Thanks for introducing me to hockey by including me on those trips to Olympia, as well as playing tabletop hockey and learning to shoot pucks in the backyard!

Congrats to the Red Wings and to one of the team's most loyal fans!

Walter Hampel said...


Thanks for the comments!!!