Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Essential 100 Bible Reading Challenge

It is ironic that, at least for American Christians, there is an unprecedented level of access to the text of the Bible in English while measures of biblical literacy indicate a low-level of those who have read the entire Bible.

Access is not the problem. Engagement with the text of the Bible is. To help address this concern and to provide a means of getting a good overview of the themes of Scripture, Scripture Union has developed a plan called the "E-100" (Essential 100).

There are 100 passages of Scripture, 50 from the Old Testament and 50 from the New Testament, which provide a foundation for understanding topics such as "In The Beginning", "Abraham, Isaac and Jacob" or "The Living Word",  "The Cross of Christ" or "The Apostles' Teaching."

Starting the week of August 9th, I'm challenging my readers to join me in reading through the E-100. We will take five passages each week, as each week's readings center on a specific topic. This challenge will take us to the last week of 2015. I will be posting a listing of each week's readings here (and also linked to the Restoring The Core website).

You can also download the pdf of the list of all 100 readings (courtesy of Scripture Union UK).

I'll be reminding you on Twitter as well. #essential100  #spiritualclay

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